Have you ever thought that overnight success is a fiction?

    One of the most important thing in your life is your success, which by the way dictates your happiness. Really how many of us can understand that overnight success is a lot of work behind the scenes day in and day out for many years in a row? How many of us understand that success is being created over the years of self development and hard work?

    In this article you will read some very important information.If you use this information wisely in your life, you can have, be or create whatever you want wether your dream is to be a successful music producer, sound designer, entrepreneur or pretty much anything else.

    An easy way to understand success is the given picture below. Check and see how many of these layers you already have.Every one of them is a key to success.The more layers existing around your circle, the more successful you are.

    If you find that you already have many layers missing from the list, that means you need to put more effort in order to have a greater success.












    • Self discipline
    • Healthy relationships
    • Self awareness
    • Do not complaining when things go bad.
    • Willingness
    • Never Give up
    • Winner mindset
    • Continuously learning new things
    • Be different
    • Having great Ideas
    • Figure out how to execute those ideas
    • Get the fear out of your life
    • Believe in yourself
    • Invest in yourself
    • Follow your passion
    • Do What you love
    • Love what you do
    • Leave your ego out of your life
    • Set Goals (Short term and Long term)
    • Be grateful for what you already have
    • Ask for help
    • Save first, then spend what you can truly afford
    • Study wealthy people
    • Visualize your success
    • Continuously stretch yourself (Look for bigger challenges)
    • Get Comfortable with money
    • Always give more in use value than you paid with money
    • Stop wasting time on unimportant things
    • Write down good ideas as soon as they come to you
    • Make sure you pay yourself
    • Know your weaknesses and master them
    • Get in touch with your passion every day
    • Take the fear out of making money
    • Charge what you are truly worth
    • Get involved with what makes you happy and ignore the rest
    • Know what you want
    • Find the valuable lesson behind every failure story that you experienced in the past
    • Don’t be emotionally attached about the way you make your money today (This is changing all the time)
    • Don’t wait for a perfect time to start, just start from where you are
    • Be patient


    The list goes on and on. You can add as many as you like but these where some of the most important ones.Of course it is difficult to have all these keys beforehand. But as we said success is being created over the years and remember, you have to be patient. Success is not something you can achieve just by pushing a button.

    So a proper way to start your own success is to implement these habits month by month in your everyday life. This will have a tremendous impact on your life more than you ever thought.



    Ronni Zag is an award winner producer from SAE college who loves music production
    and sound design. He also loves blogging and sharing knowledge
    with other producers as well.
    His passion about music and audio technology led him to acquire a diploma and excel
    as an electronic engineer specialized in audio field.    Facebook-3D-logo-icon2

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