Wondering how to make exactly the same sound as Tujamo?

    More specifically you will learn how to make the lead sound from one of his most famous songs “booty bounce”. If you follow the steps you will end up with the exact copy of this sound. Take in mind that you might find slight differences in the stereo processing of the sound due to the mastering process but don’t be fooled, it’s the excact same sound!

    Let’s get started

    1) Initialize the patch.

    Load a saw single wavetable in OSC A:



    In OSC B load a ” I can has Kickdrum ” Wavetable which is under hidden menu as shown in the picture.

    Settings for OSC A:
    Octave :-1
    Unison :6
    Detune :0.12
    Blend :180
    Phaze :0 
    Random :10%
    Set the warp knob to “Quantize modulation” and set it to 40%


    Settings for OSC B:
    Octave :-1
    Unison :6
    Detune :0.21
    Blend :64
    Phaze :180
    Random :29%
    Wavetable position :161
    Set the warp Knob to Blend +/- and set it to 15%

    For the sub OSC Select a square, pitched down by two octaves and set the level to 43 %.
    Enable the mono button and set the Portamento to 53 Msec.



    Select a low cut MG low 24db.

    Cutoff : 8 Hz
    Resonance : 0%
    Drive :16%
    Fat :16%
    Enable both oscillators and sub oscillator to pass through the filter.



    Set envelope 1 & 2 as shown in the picture.


    ENVELOPE  1                                                      ENVELOPE  2


    Drag The Envelope 2 to modulate the warp knob of OSC 1 and set the amount of modulation to 100 on unipolar and the warp position to 40%. Set the mode of warping knob to quantize.

    Drag The Envelope 2 to modulate the warp knob of OSC 2 and set the amount of modulation to -24 on unipolar and the warp position to 15%. Set the mode of warping knob to bend +/-.


    4) LFO’s

    Set the LFO 2 + 3 as shown bellow.

    LFO 2                                                                     LFO 3

    lfo-2                 flo-3 

    Set the LFO 2 to modulate the Fine tuning of OSC A and set the range to 8.
    Do the same with OSC B and set the range to -4.

    Go to matrix table and set the LFO 3 to modulate the master tuning of the synthesizer.
    Then set the amount of modulation to 20 and the type of modulation to bipolar.


    5) FX

    Copy the values of every fx module as shown bellow.




    If you are a keyboard player and you need to make this sound more intersting, go in to the matrix table and set the mod wheel to modulate the cutoff frequency of the filter by -100, then set the type of modulation to unipolar and you’re done!


    Here is the preview of the sound that we just create. 




    Ronni Zag is an award winner producer from SAE college who loves music production
    and sound design. He also loves blogging and sharing knowledge
    with other producers as well.
    His passion about music and audio technology led him to acquire a diploma and excel
    as an electronic engineer specialized in audio field.       Facebook-3D-logo-icon2

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